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Every month, we are dedicated to innovate new products to boost e-commerce operations. These features are thoughtfully crafted with insights from our valued customers to enhance efficiency, increase profitability, and meet their e-shoppers’ demands. Moreover, we ensure these cutting-edge releases are accessible to both our current and future clients!

Ready to see what’s new for your digital operation? 

Check out the most relevant updates from September 2023 below and feel free to reach out if you want to know what else is new at Instaleap!

🔍 eCommerce: Powerful search based on scoring

Our eCommerce platform is equipped with a range of features aimed at providing users with an improved online shopping experience. With our recent update, the search bar has been enhanced to offer automated product recommendations while typing, and it can even predict the word you’re trying to input, saving you the trouble of typing it completely and perfectly. 

📈 Download eCommerce Reports

We know the power of data to boost digital operations. Now, you can check your catalogue status, and download reports from any of your stores to get to know any information you need (image, stock, discount, SKU, location, etc.) in the format you prefer .txt or .csv.

🛒 Ultra picking efficiency for supermarkets

Comanda is our new tool designed to optimize the picking process in supermarkets. It allows real-time visualization of orders corresponding to different areas of the store during the picking process.

Comanda automatically sends order notifications to specific departments (butcher shop, bakery), enabling advanced preparation before the picker collects them. By implementing this you will get:

  • More efficiency: Eliminate the need to manually communicate which products to prepare for delivery to departments.
  • Boost of productivity: Areas implementing Comanda will experience enhanced efficiency in product selection.
  • Time optimization: Real-time order visibility should help maintain or improve punctuality in product selection tasks.

⭐️ Order Rating: Gather feedback on your client experience

At Instaleap, we highly value the feedback of our customers. Furthermore, we acknowledge the importance for them to be informed about the ratings given by their users regarding orders and their online shopping experience.

With our Order Rating Tool, your users can rate their experience and provide additional comments about their order. With this, we aim not only to give a voice to the user but also to provide retailers with the chance to understand the strengths and weaknesses when receiving, preparing, and delivering an order.

If you’re already an Instaleap client and want to implement these features in your operation, simply send a ticket to support or get in touch with your Customer Success Manager.

If you’d like to learn about how Instaleap can boost your eGrocery or ePharmacy operation, feel free to reach out to us here, a specialist will contact you soon.