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Every month, we work on developing new products to boost e-commerce operations. These features are thoughtfully crafted with insights from our customers to enhance efficiency, increase profitability, and meet the e-shoppers’ demands. Moreover, we ensure these cutting-edge releases are accessible to both our current and future clients!

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Check out below the most relevant product updates from May 2024 and feel free to reach out if you want to know what else is new at Instaleap!

📈 Measure Pickers and Drivers Productivity

Introducing a new module in our control tower designed to optimize the management of your pickers and drivers. This module offers detailed tracking of various key metrics.

You can access information such as the total activity duration of a resource (from the first task to app closure), the location where they operated, the estimated duration of their shift, the number of orders handled, and the number of products managed in each order. This tool provides a comprehensive view to enhance efficiency and productivity.

✅ Efficiently Manage Your Vehicle Occupancy

Our control tower now features a new vehicle management module. Vehicles in Instaleap, such as bikes, motorcycles, cars, trucks, and more, are how resources complete delivery tasks. Previously, managing these vehicles wasn’t possible through a specific module; they were assigned directly to the resource or through internal configuration.

Now, you’ll find an option in the Control Tower to create vehicles and manage their occupancy capacities. This functionality will greatly support the upcoming version of Order Routing, coming soon.

🔎 Easily Find Orders with the New Search Bar in the Shopper App

A new version of the Shopper App introduces an intelligent search bar, allowing your team to find orders using specific numbers or characters (order number, additional information, etc.).

To simplify order management, your team can also filter orders by various categories (operational model, task type, etc.), enabling them to easily identify and organize tasks within the same category.

The combination of the search bar and filters significantly enhances the order management experience, making it easier to access similar order cards and orders in progress. This search tool is designed to reduce the number of clicks and steps needed to find an order, optimizing search and management time.

🗂️ Customize the Information Displayed on Your Resource’s Task Cards

In the Shopper App, task cards show each resource’s tasks to manage for an order. These cards give a quick view and essential details about each task.

We know each client has specific needs, and sometimes certain tasks need to be prioritized. That’s why we let clients add important information to the task cards in the Shopper App. This helps resources quickly identify and manage the most important tasks.

These order management improvements make it easier for resources to handle tasks effectively and in a personalized way, improving the experience for both the client and the resource.


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