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Every month, we work on developing new products to boost e-commerce operations. These features are thoughtfully crafted with insights from our customers to enhance efficiency, increase profitability, and meet the e-shoppers’ demands. Moreover, we ensure these cutting-edge releases are accessible to both our current and future clients!

Ready to see what’s new for your digital operation? 

Check out below the most relevant updates from January 2024 and feel free to reach out if you want to know what else is new at Instaleap!

🧾Nutrition Tables Now Featured On Your E-commerce Product Descriptions

We understand how vital it is for users to have access to nutritional details when buying products online, just like in a physical store. That’s why we’ve included a nutrition table in the product description on our e-commerce platform.

This boosts transparency and trust, making it easier for consumers to make informed decisions. Plus, by providing detailed information, we help improve the visibility of our products in search engines.

🔤 Font Switching: Customize Your Brand Identity On Your e-Commerce Platform 

User experience is one of the main focuses of internet browsing. That’s why Instaleap’s e-Commerce platform moves away from its default font (Nunito) and allows customers to manage their brand identity by customizing the font displayed on the page when the user logs in

⏱️ Boost Order Fulfillment with Picking Timers

A progressive timer will be there with the order card during the picking task to keep the resources informed about the best time to start or finish the task. Once inside the order, the timer will be fixed at the top of the screen, using colors to indicate the stage (on time / halfway / late for delivery).

🔂 Allow your Customers to Modify Products in Their Orders

Our Live Status Tracker isn’t just for order tracking; it’s a versatile tool that enables users to take action on their orders. From adjusting delivery details like date, time, and address to selecting the preferred delivery type, users have control.

We understand that preferences can change post-order. With our latest update, the Live Status Tracker lets users make adjustments like increasing or decreasing product quantities, removing items, or adding new ones—as long as the picking process has not started.



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