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Every month, we work on developing new products to boost e-commerce operations. These features are thoughtfully crafted with insights from our customers to enhance efficiency, increase profitability, and meet the e-shoppers’ demands. Moreover, we ensure these cutting-edge releases are accessible to both our current and future clients!

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Check out below the most relevant product updates from February 2024 and feel free to reach out if you want to know what else is new at Instaleap!

👁️‍🗨️ Display SKU’s Codes & Stock Availability on your Product Page

When you’re shopping online, it’s often tough to find just what you need in the right quantities. This can be because stores use different names for products, or they might not have enough stock, or there are lots of similar items to sift through.

To help with this, Instaleap lets you display the SKU code for each product and how much of it is available right on the product page. This helps shoppers see exactly what’s in stock and make informed decisions.

In fact, depending on the retailer’s operating country, disclosing the current stock of a product is a legal requirement.

🔄 Allow Your Customers to Repeat Orders with a Click

If a customer wishes to reorder items they previously purchased from your online store but can’t recall the specifics, they can conveniently access their order history on our e-commerce platform.

Prioritizing user experience, we’ve streamlined the process of reordering past purchases to a single click on the “reorder” button, eliminating the need to individually search for each product and add them to the cart.

How Does It Work?

User’s order history, stored in their profile, catalogues all prior purchases, enabling them to effortlessly select which one to repeat with a simple click. Upon selecting the desired order, the “reorder” button instantly adds the products to the cart, where they can be further customized based on the user’s preferences.

⏱️ Let your Customers Prioritize Their Favorite Stores on the E-Commerce Platform

When making an online purchase, it’s common for the e-commerce platform to automatically direct the user to the nearest store page based on their location. However, sometimes the closest store may be smaller or specialize in different types of products than what the user needs.

To address this issue, your users can now set priorities for stores on your e-commerce platform. This means you don’t need to rely solely on the user’s geographical proximity to the nearest store. You can now assign priorities to stores, allowing the user to see the most relevant ones first. This increases the likelihood of finding what they need or receiving their order in less time, even if it’s not the physically closest store

🧾 Introducing the New ‘View Invoice’ Button

When users place orders, they can access important information such as product availability, potential replacements, and document requests (especially for items like alcohol or medication), along with order status, estimated delivery time, and the option to view their purchase invoice.

For security and transparency, we offer a “view invoice” option. This allows users to easily see their purchase invoice within the Live Status Tracker after our team completes the billing process.

Here’s how it works: After completing the picking task, our staff proceeds to checkout. They receive the invoice for the entire order and upload it to the Shopper App. Users accessing the Live Status Tracker receive real-time updates on their order status and can easily find the “View Invoice” button.

🔍 Gain Insights by Collecting Reasons for Order Cancellations

When placing an order, customers often want to make changes or cancel it for different reasons like long delivery times, no longer needing the item, or if there’s an error.

Understanding why customers cancel orders is crucial for making informed decisions. With our live status widget, customers can now provide cancellation reasons, and you can easily track and analyze cancellation patterns, as shown in the image below:


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