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Every month, we work on developing new products to boost e-commerce operations. These features are thoughtfully crafted with insights from our customers to enhance efficiency, increase profitability, and meet the e-shoppers’ demands. Moreover, we ensure these cutting-edge releases are accessible to both our current and future clients!

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Check out below the most relevant product updates from April 2024 and feel free to reach out if you want to know what else is new at Instaleap!

🎟️ Add coupons to your sales strategy

Discount coupons play a vital role in attracting potential consumers, building customer loyalty, and boosting the visibility of products, brands, and online stores. When customers use these coupons, they receive a unique code that they enter during checkout to enjoy the benefits offered through e-commerce.

To ensure their effectiveness, a range of parameters must be carefully configured. This entails assigning an engaging name, crafting a description, and specifying essential details such as expiration dates and benefits like complimentary shipping or discounts. By meticulously tailoring these parameters, your coupons can operate seamlessly, maximizing their impact and appeal to customers.

✅ Drive Sales with the New Dynamic Home Features in Your E-commerce Platform

The new Dynamic Home of the e-commerce platform offers the possibility of incorporating interactive components (widgets) that highlight new categories, products, or events according to user preferences. Some of them are:

Banners and Images

Carousel banners are a current feature of Instaleap’s e-commerce platform and can be configured either through our native management tool (Native Banners) or through client external tools (Google Ads).


These animated images add dynamism to the homepage and can include titles, subtitles, links, and animation effects when interacted with.


Boxes are sets of icons that provide shortcuts to desired content, such as featured categories, manual URLs, or preset search functions.

Product Lists

Suggested product lists include trending items, sponsored products, and recommendations based on the user’s purchase history. Product lists can also be displayed by category.


🛍️ Unlock More Choices: Introducing Product Variations for Seamless Shopping!

Product variations make it easier for customers to find what they want all on one page. They save time and make it simpler to browse by showing different versions of the same item (like different sizes or colors) without needing to search elsewhere.

Each variation is like its own product with its own details, like price and description. And the best part? Customers can pick what they want right from the main product page without having to search around.

How They Work? Here are some key terms to understand:

  • Variations: These are the different options a product can have, like size or color.
  • Variation Family: This is a group of related products that share similar characteristics.
  • Main Variation: This is the most important option for a product, usually chosen based on what customers like best.
  • Main SKU: This is a code that represents a group of variations, making it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for.

For example, let’s say you’re selling energy drinks with different flavors and sizes:

  • Flavor Variations: Strawberry, Mango, Pineapple
  • Size Variations: Small, Medium, Large

*** The main SKU, like medium-sized strawberry flavor, shows all the options available when customers search. This setup makes shopping smoother and gives customers more choices without any hassle.

🧾 Notifications Hub: Enhance Communication with Your Resources

The notification history of our Shopper App is a section within the application that allows resources to easily identify, understand, and access recently received notifications. This history ensures constant awareness of messages, tasks, or pending notifications requiring review or management, accessible via the icon.


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