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Are you looking for the best ecommerce software to help you grow your bussines?

Look no further than Instaleap! We offer a wide range of features and services that will make it easy for you to sell your products online.

Multi-channel Management

Centralize orders from all channels and automatically assign them to pickers and couriers.

Picking optimization

Reduce picking time per product using cutting-edge technology in stores, distribution centers or dark stores.

Excellence in Delivery

Manage and automatically engage different types of fleets and logistics partners to fulfill the delivery promise.

Check out the results obtained by some of our clients:

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On- time delivery

0 %

Resources reduction after solution implementation.

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Items per hour *2.7 more than the industry average

Personalize your Ecommerce experience with AI

Instalepa IA can help you to understand your customer´s needs and preferences and then use that information to deliver a more rlevant and engaging experience.

Here are just a few of the ways that AI can be used to personalize the ecommerce experience,

Here are just a few of the ways that AI can be used to personalize the ecommerce experience,

Recomedation engines

Recomendation engines can use AI to suggest products that are likely to be of interest to customers. This can help to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction,

Personalized pricing

IA can be usedto personalize pricing for customers based on their individual needs and preferences. This can help to increse customer loyalty and boost sales.

Personalized marketing campaigns

AI can be used to create personalized marketing campaigns that are tailored to the specific needs and interests of each customer. This can help to improve effectiveness of marketig campaigns, also you can send specific campaigns to collaborators and marketign impacts by sponsors to specifc groups. ****

Satisfied and confident customers

Share order status with customers from preparation to delivery and enable a constant flow of communication for replacements and confirmations.

Your solutions and resources connected and centralized

Integrate other software and platforms of your digital operation in a simple and fast way to control everything from one place.



  • User-friendly interface:Our platform it’s  easy to use for both customers and merchants. The checkout process is  simple and straightforward, and mobile-friendly.

  • Wide range of products: The ecommerce platform offers a wide range of products to choose from and it is a robust platform. 

  • Secure payment processing: The ecommerce platform use secure payment processing to protect customer data. (insert technical validations and technologies) This will help to build trust with customers and increase sales.

  • Reliable customer support: The ecommerce platform offer reliable customer support to help customers with any problems they may have. This will help to improve customer satisfaction and increase sales.

  • Scalable: The ecommerce platform its  scalable to accommodate growth. This will help to ensure that the platform can handle an increase in traffic and sales.

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