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The challenge

Reinventing yourself: from a traditional ecommerce to an on-demand marketplace

For traditional retailers, especially large multinational chains, digital transformation has become a fundamental part of their livelihood for the future. In both Chile and Peru, under the Tottus supermarket brand, which operates more than 150 physical shops, Chilean retail giant Falabella (US $12.569 billion in annual revenues) faced a unique technological and logistical challenge: transforming an outdated online sales channel with no immediate delivery into a super app capable of competing with existing on-demand home delivery options in the market.

Not only was it about delivering orders quickly and efficiently, but it was also about ultra-convenience, offering a wide range of products and services, as well as a first-class user experience, all from a single platform that would meet the scalability and cost-effectiveness required to handle the expected volumes.

The user experience, the centrepiece of the vision for this new project, had to exceed consumer expectations and align with the live commerce requirements that dominate today’s market: allowing full traceability of where the order is at any given moment, guaranteeing compliance with established delivery times, direct communication with the order handlers, etc.

“For this investment in technology and logistics we were looking for a partner that deeply understood the industry and had the necessary reach to provide our customers with the best possible experience. In Instaleap we found the ideal team to work hand in hand on this innovative project. ”

The solution

Fazil: a tailor-made solution for a differentiated and competitive shopping experience

In a market where different players are increasingly guaranteeing an unforgettable consumer experience, Tottus, in search of competitiveness, built Fazil, its own marketplace for online shopping and home delivery under the slogan “you want it easy, you have it easy” .Instaleap became the ideal partner to operate this model, providing efficiency in the operation, integral control over it and, above all, an unforgettable consumer experience. From a single platform, the operations of vendors of different categories, from supermarkets to restaurants, are managed.


Deliveries in less than 1 hour: estimated and accurate delivery times

A determining factor for Fazil’s positioning in the market has been the fulfilment of the promise of delivery times. With Instaleap, the customer can choose from the moment of checkout what the delivery schedule will be and be certain of its fulfilment: from express deliveries, in less than an hour, to scheduled deliveries at the time that suits them best. Our platform has real-time information on delivery capacity at different delivery times and offers the customer only spaces with availability.

Additionally, to mitigate the risk of delays, Instaleap has a control tower that provides comprehensive, real-time visibility of the operation. It has an algorithm that triggers automatic alerts in the event of a delay in an order, allowing Tottus operators to take the lead and be ready to respond proactively to any inconvenience. All this has allowed Tottus to delight its customers by delivering on its delivery promise, thus earning their loyalty.

Ultra convenience and end-customer end-to-end visibility

In addition to meeting optimal and accurate delivery times, the ability to offer a live commerce experience in the digital channel continues to gain relevance when thinking about a differentiated value offer. With Instaleap, Tottus has been able to strengthen its offer to the end customer, providing all order information with real-time updates.

  1. With the live status widget (order tracking module), the customer can track the status of their order at all times. This functionality allows you to see every detail from the addition of products to the cart during the collection process, to the exact location of your order and when it will be delivered.
  2. With our real-time, human chats that support multimedia content, the customer has the ability to talk to both support and order handlers to make changes to products, order to certain specifications or ask relevant questions at any time.

At Instaleap we are obsessed with offering an online shopping experience that adds convenience and speed, without compromising the customer’s proximity to their products. We seek, through live commerce tools, to offer the customer traceability and total control of the order, bringing the offline experience to the digital world.

A synchronised logistics operation for greater efficiency

With Instaleap, Tottus has been able to improve its profitability and efficiency by synchronising all the processes that need to be carried out from the time an order is created until it is dispatched, as if they were a single flow. Our automated resource allocation algorithms take into account the customer’s entire logistics network – both in-house and outsourced resources – to allocate orders in the most optimal combination of time and cost. In addition, each process is optimised individually.

Our picking functionality allows us to implement picking methodologies that adjust to the reality of each picking centre, whether it is a supermarket, a restaurant in a shopping centre or a Falabella shop, thus reducing delivery times. Finally, our dispatch application is in charge of indicating the optimal routes considering traffic and other external factors to meet delivery times. Additionally, by operating in a marketplace model, Tottus has been able to manage a delivery network that works both with centralised operation and by point of sale. This results in a good utilisation of available resources, at all times.

“With Instaleap’s platform we have not only managed to exceed our customers’ expectations in their experience when they come to Fazil. We have also been able to operate in a cost effective and controlled manner. They have really been a key partner in achieving a comprehensive execution of our marketplace.”


A fully synchronized and optimized logistics operation for groceries.

Since the pilot launch in Chile and Peru, Fazil has had an incredible market acceptance, achieving more than 20,000 satisfied customers thanks to its differentiated value offer that includes more than 55 vendors within its marketplace, which are served from 70 picking centres. The next steps are ambitious but fully achievable with the existing operational framework that delivers the best customer experience, as well as greater profitability and internal efficiencies. For consistent and scalable growth, the focus must remain on profitability. That is why our platform was created to ensure scalability in a straightforward manner, leveraging our logistics engine. Fazil can focus on continuing to grow without worrying about the operation’s performance.

What’s next for Fazil and Instaleap?

Continue to expand the marketplace to different categories, starting with restaurant delivery. In this way, a 360° attack on the market will be achieved through the same logistics engine: Instaleap.