Bodega Aurrera, Walmart's top supermarket in Mexico: online in less than a month

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The challenge


Mexico’s top supermarket faces a global pandemic without a digital channel for groceries. 

Bodega Aurrera has grown to be Walmart’s top format in Mexico, the second largest market where the retail giant operates. With a massive presence of 2,044 stores operating under the brand throughout Mexican territory, it comprises over 17% of the retail sales in the country.

After years of consolidating a top brand for Mexican families, Bodega Aurrera was faced with the unprecedented challenge of guaranteeing supply, without breaking the social distancing protocols the government and customers demanded. The need was clear: to develop a grocery-specific digital channel that responded to new consumer needs.

Despite the urgency to launch, they required a scalable and robust solution they could rely on, without compromising their value proposition and brand positioning. Bodega Aurrera needed efficiency and profitability but, more importantly, they had to guarantee that their online channel could provide the best experience for their customers.

“We realized that the online channel was a priority, and although we already had technology in place, there was an opportunity to incorporate a much more developed, simple, and modern solution that guaranteed the ultra-fast execution we needed. Instaleap’s team brought years of experience and the comprehensive approach that covered the last mile requirements to conquer the market.” – Bodega Aurrera Team

The solution

‍‍An end-to-end solution that could keep up with Walmart.

Bodega Aurrera understood the added value of looking at the online sales process as a single centralized unit. With Instaleap, Bodega Aurrera covers the entire process from a single platform: demand generation from call center and e-commerce, picking, delivery, routing, controlling, etc., ensuring synchronization, control and efficiency.

A 360 last mile logistics solution

While traditional software providers handle logistic processes in a fragmented way, Instaleap’s solution encompasses the whole delivery process, end to end. Ergo, the results are those of perfect efficiency; even in an operation as robust as Walmart’s. Our comprehensive approach guarantees synchronization and full visibility of logistic resources, making it easier to scale and control in a strategic manner. With Instaleap, Bodega Aurrera achieved 360 visibility and control over the operation.

Picking process

Optimized picking app for automated tasks assignment, optimal picking routes based on the stores’ configuration, and stock shortage management through live communication with the final customer.

Routing and dispatching

Integrated driver app with a dynamic routing module that takes into account vehicle usage and type, distance between deliveries, real-time traffic and other relevant variables to make deliveries in under an hour a reality.

Dynamic capacity management

Capacity management module that aligns supply capacity with order demand based on real-time availability of logistic resources. Predictive and proprietary algorithms that coordinate all the resources involved in the operation to automatically assign orders in the most cost-efficient way.

Cash flow control

Cash flow control module for traceability of cash payments. Essential for profitability in robust logistics networks.

Achieving scalability: the result of centralized operations

Due to its extensive presence in different Mexican cities and states, the management and control of multiple stores from a single platform was essential to achieve Bodega Aurrera’s plans for rapid growth. Instaleap’s back office was designed to manage several resources in a unified way, facilitating an accelerated expansion, both in order volume and dispatch points within the logistics configuration.

Additionally, all orders are monitored in real time from our control tower, which incorporates a predictive flags system that alerts operators about any order setbacks. This allows for organized, immediate, and proactive responses, making it easier to keep track of growing operations and provide superior user experiences.

Consultancy from grocery logistics experts.

A key aspect for the perfect implementation of a platform as robust and flexible as Instaleap’s, is the process of orientation and support from the team that built it. Instaleap provided a 100% dedicated team for the platform’s implementation and launch, made up of expert consultants in last-mile grocery logistics, focused on understanding how each functionality would better suit Bodega. The consulting team assisted with process design and training at scale to all members of the Bodega team. In just one week, they achieved a deep understanding of the solution, adding speed and efficiency to the implementation process.

In Instaleap, Bodega Aurrera found an ally capable of building the omnichannel vision of their company alongside them. Our development approach is based on a collaborative methodology with our customers. We apply the principle of iterative learning cycles to improve our processes based on the day to day pain points that our clients experience in their live operation. We constantly conduct workshops focused on the specific needs of each client, in order to identify improvement opportunities. More than a supplier, we are an extension of the client’s team, providing our industry expertise and relevant insights.

“We think of Instaleap’s team as an extension of ours. They constantly facilitate spaces to jointly identify product improvements that translate into operational efficiency and business success.” -Bodega Aurrera Team


A fully synchronized and optimized logistics operation for groceries.

The project launched with operations in 8 states and took less than 30 days. At the time of launch, this operation included 20 stores, with ambitious expansion plans, and more than 200 operational resources fully trained to use the Instaleap platform and fulfill their duties in an optimal manner.

As such, Bodega Aurrera has managed to offer the highest quality service with an on-time delivery rate of over 90% in both the scheduled and express (on-demand) formats, one of the most sought-after by the modern consumer, allowing the giant to continue to fulfill its commitment to Mexican households during the pandemic and beyond.