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Every month, we work on creating new products to consistently elevate our customers’ e-commerce experiences. Each feature is carefully designed with insights from our existing customers, with the goal of enhancing efficiency, productivity, and meeting their clients’ demands and we bring it available to all of you.

Ready to see what’s new for your online operation? 

Find below the most relevant product updates from August 2023, feel free to reach out to know what else is new in Instaleap!

💬 Segmenter: Customer Data Platform

Segmenter is our new Customer Data Platform, designed to centralize all user data. With Segmenter, you can effortlessly categorize them into segments or groups, enabling you to send tailor-made messages and targeted marketing campaigns via Email, SMS, and soon, WhatsApp, to both your customers and resources. Plus, you have the flexibility to schedule these communications for perfect timing!

🛒 New Superpowers to your eCommerce Home

NextGen introduces new functionalities to boost your e-commerce performance!  Now on the home page, you can enable various functions that will provide a better e-shopping experience for your customers. Now you can add:

  • Featured Categories
  • Custom pages
  • Promotions pages 
  • Favorite products list
  • Items description with ingredients section

📍 Configuration of Reasons for changes in orders

This feature available from your control tower, lets you set and modify the different reasons to justify changes in orders, such as cancellations, rescheduling, or product replacements.

If you’re already an Instaleap client and want to implement these features in your operation, simply send a ticket to support or get in touch with your Customer Success Manager.

Alternatively, if you’d like to learn about how Instaleap can boost your eGrocery or ePharmacy operation, feel free to reach out to us here, a specialist will contact you soon.