Supermarkets Post COVID-19: How To Face the New Challenges?

We brought together 3 industry experts to share their vision of the new reality and what is to come in the post-COVID 19 era. Eduardo Castro-Wright, former vice chairman Walmart Global, Alberto Moriana, VP Sales LATAM Procter & Gamble and Johann Ramberg, CEO Tottus Hypermarkets (Falabella), shared with us their experiences in facing this unprecedented […]

The Technological Revolution of E-commerce and Last Mile Logistics

For many, the world as we knew it has changed forever. Although we can’t be sure of this, what we do know is that the reality for supermarkets in Latin America for the next few months looks very different to what many of us had predicted. Changes in consumer behavior are generating a reprioritization in […]

Rappi, Cornershop and Other Apps: Why Supermarkets Should Not Rely Solely on Them?

Data control, user experience, brand reputation and high order fees are some of the reasons why many stores are rethinking their partnerships with most delivery giants.  Although the e-commerce trend had been growing in recent years, the current situation considerably accelerated the growth expectations of even the most optimistic experts. Dimas Gimeno, founder and executive […]

What Latin America can Learn from E-grocery Trends in China

From the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and into the future, executives from most of the world’s supermarkets have turned to Asia, specifically China, for guidance on the trends, challenges and opportunities that are coming for the industry. Being a few months ahead of us in the development of the virus, China has served as […]